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The Flat Bet

Probably the most popular sports bet in the world with those playing through their Unibet bonus is known as the flat bet. In a two-horse race the flat bet is your choice of who is going to win. This bet is used by billions of recreational sports bettors as they head down to their local on a Saturday afternoon for a few pints with their friends.

The great thing about the flat bet is its simplicity. The bookmaker gives you odds, you take them and if the bet wins you win and if it loses you don’t. It’s a no nonsense type of bet. Each bookmaker will have different rules concerning the minimum and maximum flat bets allowed. Some sites allow £10,000 per flat bet and others base it on the amount returned to the punter such as a £250,000 return. There are no minimum betting amounts allowing your Grandfather to still have his 20p per horse every Saturday afternoon.

But if you want to get more serious about sports betting then you are going to have to deviate from the flat betting habit. It’s cool up to a point, but it isn’t going to pay the bills every month. If you are going to get serious about horse racing, for example, then the each way bet is the king. By betting each way you are spreading your risk, and also giving yourself a better chance to compound your win rate over a prolonged period of time. In sports such as American Football you have the point spread, in Soccer the over/under and of course you now have the option to lay on the betting exchanges.

But despite all of the new bells and whistles, nobody likes change, and the gambler is no different. Once a flat betting man, always a flat betting man.