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He comes to Malaga C. F. to contest the next phase of the Champions League, and the hobby has turned Malaga with his team. About three thousand fans are preparing to experience the thrill of the game and support your players from the stands at Dragon Stadium. Trade binary options online with us at

Rarely occurs before a match, but this time we are not only outstanding players but teams of collegiate referee confrontation. The controversial Mark Ladenburg will be responsible, and well known to the British who followed the first game of the group stage, that played against Zenith Malaga back in September, although not like the Bourbons won by 3 goals to 0 .

Malaga's rival, the F. C. Porto, after nineteen games occupied a disputed first-place ranking in the Portuguese League. He has scored 49 points, the same as Benefice. In their last league clash Victor Pereira's team won 0-2 to Bier-Mar, a modest bottom club team. During the group stage of the Champions League the Blue Dragons did an excellent job that allowed them to finish second in Group A, and only two points behind Paris Saint-Germaine. In six games only drew one and lost one, against Dynamo Kiev and Paris Saint-Germaine respectively.

The season of Malaga Football Club in the Spanish League is still magnificent, now occupies the fourth place in the standings with 42 points, and if I knew defend between now and the end of season play another year of Champions. His last match was won in La Rosalinda (1-0) against the Lions Athletic.

He started the group stage of the Champions League with a vengeance winning the first three games and then slow down and draw the last three, he still finished as the leader of Group C with 12 points, four behind second-placed Milan.