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Marcelo Balsa knows his continuity hangs in the balance and therefore will spare no efforts for the derby. Ritz Adores (twelve league goals) is called to be the champion team. As happens in any derby, it is hard to predict a result. A priori, this could be the year of the Royal Society, so visitors it bears the favorite band.

The news has jumped on all the front pages of the media specialist game after news that the producer of the television channel Tele 5, has acquired the license to operate sports betting activities, it has been a movement the gaming industry in was waiting since last year 2012 when Media set, producing audiovisual content owned Tele 5, communicated publicly several partnerships with technology firm software gaming platforms, Kombi, one of the market leaders of betting, while joined with big industry names like Playtech or Ease Group, launching into space television premiere game of roulette.

With this move, Media set Spain, through its subsidiary, Premiere Regaled, today received approval from the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, authorization issued by the General Directorate of the Game (DOT) as unique license for operating activities merchant category mutual sports betting for a minimum period of 5 years.

The sector of online sports betting market looks like a new operator but, in this case, it could become one of the most important in our country thanks to the link with the television company that owns Media set. The team that ranks twentieth in the table, i.e. the last.

This fact speaks volumes as relevant a team that has gone through numerous serious trouble this season and surely will have to go through a few others.