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When the sporting rivalry we add historical and regional incentives the show is served. The day 25 of the Premier League leaders face two Basque football with a truly unusual background. Athletic Bilbo is still fighting to get away from the lower part of the table after a bad first round and internal unrest generated by the attitude of several players.

The Royal Society in Bilbo change comes perfectly located in zone. San Mamas is festive attire to see what matters most in a derby, if the honor of the premises or the path of visitors. A tense but exciting game that certainly encouraged summaries of the day.

Athletic Bilbo is the team that has more wins and has scored most goals in the history of the derby. This trend is increasing markedly in San Mamas, where locals have been imposed in 37 of the 65 matches.

However, should go back to the 2002/2003 season to find another situation where the Royal Society came in well above classification. To this can be added the dismal run of the premises, with only one win so far in 2013. Bilbo's last loss was particularly painful in both the strength of the score (0-4) as measured by the fact as to a direct rival Espanola. In any case, an entity such as Athletic Bilbo should be able to forget their troubles for an evening and put serious strain on the San Sebastian.