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Movement is called quotas to changes that occur in the same values ??as the number of gamblers who choose a particular outcome. When the number of bettors for the same outcome can be a risk for the bookmaker, it may choose to vary the value of the share or to even remove it.

The cases in which this can happen are those in which there is a clear favorite, and the share is already low, but those events where fees are higher than 2 €, and even couples are fairly for both outcomes .

Punters can roll for a certain outcome for several reasons: because there is a favorable prognostic one team given by a famous forecaster, or any situation that appears to clearly favor one team or sports, for example.

As we know, the bookmakers set quotas based on their own forecasts and these include the benefit obtained by the service and the risk, of course. Are established, then the chances that each of the possible outcomes.

If it is a football match between two teams with great difference in level, bet the favorite is usually less than 2 €. It is within the possibilities that some sports predictions prove not entirely accurate, but it does not have to be a reason for the decline in online sports gambling.

With Implied Odds method, we calculate first profit indicator. This will give us, as resulted, the actual payment to the bookmaker makes per unit staked. The bookmaker never pay 100% of the wager, the difference is your profit or commission.