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Seven Ways To Wager And Win On Horses

Wagering on horses is a very popular pastime amongst punters. Either going to the races or even placing a wager online has become so commonplace that there are now a large number of online sites which cater for online betting. When placing a wager on a horse race one obviously wants to be successful, and win some money.

Here are seven tips to help you achieve this.

Research, Research, Research

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to do your research before betting on a race. Horse racing involves a huge amount of different factors, and the more clued up you are on those factors the more likely you are to place a successful wager. Most information that a punter needs can be found online, either on one of the NZ betting sites, or on any number of other horse racing related web pages.

Get To Know The Horses

Horse races generally comprise of between 5 and 15 horses, depending on how big the race is and what kind of race is being run. Before you place a bet, make sure that you get to know the horses that are running in the race. Certain horses are known for certain things, such as the great Winx is known for her great staying power and being able to accelerate toward the end of a long race, whisking past other horses who have run out of fuel.

Research Bloodlines

Breeding plays a huge part in how horses perform. Of course, blood isn’t everything but there are a few lines that have been known to produce winners over and over again. When placing a bet on a race, take the time to look a bit deeper into each horse, finding out what their sire and dam lines are. For example, the Danehill Danzig line has produced more winners in recent history in New Zealand than any other bloodline. A horse with Danehill as his grand sire is a pretty good bet against a horse with an unknown line.

Research Trainers

A good horse is only as good as his trainer. Trainers play a huge part in creating a winning racehorse and can either make or break them. Very good horses have been known to change trainers and simply stop performing. Look online into your horse's training history, and make sure that his trainer has stayed constant, and has a good history of training winners. Of course, this may not apply to smaller races and lesser known trainers.

Look Into Jockeys

Again, a good horse is only as good as the person riding it. It has been said that it takes five years to train a horse to top form, and five minutes to destroy it. Thoroughbreds are sensitive creatures, and certain jockeys have certain styles that may not gel with a horse.

Read The Track

Track conditions play a big part in how a horse runs. Betting on a horse that is great on a dry track won’t work if the track is heavy, or wet. Heavy boned horses run better in the mud, so check your track before wagering.

Read The Tips

There are a number of professional people online who are paid to supply information and suggestions to punters. Always read what they have to say before placing any wild bets. Do not simply take their word as gospel, however, be sure to do your own homework as well!